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Our core concepts reference the methods and techniques used to cooperate with God to heal the soul.

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TNT Training

Check out our revolutionary training courses that teach how to Cooperate With God For a Change.

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Counseling Center

TNT is not talk therapy but a dynamic, interactive God- centered approach to healing the mind, will, and emotions.

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Get informed by checking out the free meeting about our Personal Transformation Course.

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To equip and empower people to
live life passionately and abundantly

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Dynamics of Growth


In-Office Counseling

We offer qualified in-office counseling for individuals, couples and families seeking transformation into a passion filled life.


Personal Transformation Training

With our Master Practitioner Certification in Counseling Ministry and
Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, our experience will help you on your way to personal transformation.


Ministry Resources

We provide ministry products including books, tapes, videos, workbooks, and other programs for individuals and churches.


Corporate Coaching & Training

Our trusted experience has helped coach the business community into measurable growth.Our trusted experience has helped coach the business community into measurable growth.

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Positive Outcomes

Positive Outcomes

To help individuals and families obtain the positive outcomes they desire.

Identify Obstacles

Identify Obstacles

To help our clients identify obstacles that hinder obtaining their desired outcomes.

Discover Options

Discover Options

To help our clients discover new options and better choices for their lives.

Maximum Results

Maximum Results

To help our clients obtain the maximum results in the shortest period of time.