Dynamics of Growth, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dr. Al Larson and Sue Larson. Al and Sue were called to minister to people who were wounded and had a desire to be transformed. Parts of the vision they had for Dynamics of Growth have been realized, others are still in process.

The clinic has consistently grown, offering services and information in the following areas:

  • In-office counseling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Personal Transformation Training and Master Practitioner Certification in counseling ministry
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling
  • Ministry Products including books, tapes, videos, workbooks, and other programs for individuals and churches
  • Corporate Coaching and Training to the business community

The clinic specializes in Cooperating with God for a Change® training, a technique centered in discovering Biblical principles that can revolutionize our lives. This method of renewal has developed over the course of two decades of research, training, counseling practice, and study of God’s Word. Thousands of people have benefited from this unique, Christ-centered approach to transforming their beliefs and their lives forever. Many of their stories can be found in our Testimonials section.

Founders of Dynamics of Growth, Inc.

Dr. Al Larson and Sue Larson founded Dynamics of Growth, a non-profit Counseling Clinic, in 1988. The dynamic and Biblically-based concepts utilized in Dynamics of Growth grew out of ministry and education in the field of counseling psychology and theology that Dr. Larson was receiving, coupled with some profound changes in his life.

Al began helping people in 1978; he quickly discovered the fundamental inadequacy of psychology when used alone as a tool to help him or in his ministry to others. This was the beginning of a journey developing and refining the foundations of Dynamics of Growth, Cooperating with God for a Change® training.

Over the years, Dr. Larson and his staff have counseled thousands of clients. The goal of the clinic is to help people renew using the most effective methods in the shortest period of time. The methods used to help people renew come in the forms of counseling, training programs, seminars, workbooks, and tapes. Many of these tools have been produced and are available in our Products section.

The clinic has grown for one simple reason, the methods and techniques work. Our clients’ lives have been changed and renewed. Check out some of their stories in our Testimonials section.

Founders of Dynamics of Growth

Dr. Al Larson

Al is the President & founder of Dynamics of Growth, he provides counseling and training to families and individuals and works as a corporate trainer and coach. He is also a Christian, husband, father and grandfather. His education and background offer a unique method of renewal, cooperating with how God made the human nervous system and what God asks of us.


Al has a Doctorate of Ministry in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, M.A. in Psychology, MA in Theology, and Master Certification in Human Design Engineering. Al is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). He is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, certified with the North American Psychologist Association, a supervising therapist with the American Academy of Clinical Family Therapists and is a professor at the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. Al created a concept of counseling known as Theosynergistic Neuro-TransformationTM (Cooperating with God for a ChangeTM). He also has advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Business Background

Al’s business history includes: President of United Consumer Marketing, General Manager of Gabberts Furniture, General Manager of Gourmet Foods, and past President of Twin City Youth for Christ. This business background, combined with the proven methods of TNT Counseling are transforming people, and, improving their effectiveness in the workplace.

Personal Testimony

In order to understand the foundation and vision of Dynamics of Growth it is important to know Al’s personal testimony. Al grew up in a very dysfunctional home. His childhood experiences of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse had a profound effect on Al’s ability to love or to let anyone love him. These experiences had given Al a very specific meaning to the concept of love. Through out his life, due to the abuses he experienced, if someone said, I love you, Al was afraid. If Al had thoughts or feelings of loving someone else, he was terrified. Quite literally, love meant pain to him.

When Al was 9 years old, his alcoholic father was killed in a bar fight. Someone hit him over the head with a beer bottle and killed him. Al has amnesia for the first 12 years of his life. He does not have any memories of his four younger siblings or any event except the dozen or so memories of the abuses he experienced. After his Dads death, the family moved to a housing project, which was better then what he was living in prior to his Dad’s death but an extremely scary place to grow up. One of the memories Al has in the housing project is that he was done running and hiding and by age 11 he started to drink and fight. Al was aware of only three emotions during his teen years horrible fear, impulsive anger and numb.

Al married his wife Sue when they were both very young, 17 years old. Sue had a love for Al that was different than any he had ever experienced. She had an unconditional love for Al; as Al puts it Sue loved me well. They had a son named Allan who danced little circles of joy whenever dad came home. Through time, this new and consistent example of love (God’s Agape Love) from Sue and Allan, were counter examples to Al’s belief that love equals pain. This amazing love opened Al’s heart and mind so that he could eventually receive God’s love, and in October of 1978, when he was 30 years old Al became a follower of Christ. Al went ALL IN, SOLD OUT AND BECAME A LIVING SACRIFICE TO HIS SAVIOR AND LORD JESUS CHRIST TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

Shortly after becoming a Christian Al read in the Bible that a husband is called to Love your Wife like Christ Loved the church. It became clear that due to the abusive behavior at the hands of people who he loved, and who said they loved him, he did not know how to really love anyone. Due to his distorted meaning of love, he had created strategies to protect himself from ever being abused again. Put simply, he lived his life through the strategy of Never let people know you love them. Obviously this strategy and goal to do not let your wife know how much you love her did not serve God’s desire that Al design a healthy and intimate relationship with his wife Sue.

When Al accepted God’s love through Christ, he was no longer able to ignore or deny his dysfunctional perspective about love. The beliefs, values, and attitude that are the Foundations to Dynamics of Growth and Cooperating with God for a Change are the result of Al’s desire to conform, be molded into the image of Christ, as well as the desire to help others experience the passion and abundance that comes from a commitment to the Spirit of God that has been sealed in the believer.

To serve this mission of empowering believers to live life passionately and abundantly is Al’s Life’s work. He began an intense search for ministry tools that would be affective in transforming him, as well as others. What Al discovered has become the foundation of Dynamics of Growth, and Theosynergistic Neuro-TransformationTM (TNT) or Cooperating with God for a ChangeTM.

Sue Larson

Sue is co-founder and partner in Dynamics of Growth; she does seminars, teaches, and counsels primarily with women. Sue has an MA in counseling and is a Licensed Clinical Independent Social Worker. She has additional training in Thought Field Therapy, Chemical Dependency counseling, and TNT. Sue, as all counselors at Dynamics of Growth, uses the principles and techniques of Cooperating With God For A Change� to help people renew and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Sue is a Christian, wife, mother, and Grandmother.

Al is the CEO of Jericho Ventures, LLC and President, CEO and founder of Dynamics of Growth, Inc., which provides counseling and training to families and individuals. Al also serves as a corporate trainer and consultant/coach. He is a follower of Christ, married with two children and seven grandchildren. His education and background offer a unique method of renewal—cooperating with how God made the human nervous system and applied theology.

Al has a Doctorate of Ministry in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, M.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Theology, and Master Certification in Human Design Engineering. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Nationally Board Certified Counselor.

Al developed a concept of counseling known as Theosynergistic Neuro-Transformation™ (Cooperating with God for a Change®). He teaches training courses and workshops to individuals who are interested in learning this method. He has also co-authored the book, Escaping the Matrix.

A Note From Al

The reason that I share my story is to encourage and give hope to everyone who has been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused and wounded.

So many of us became victims of evil intentions when we were too little to cognitively or physically protect ourselves. However, God designed a way for all of us to heal emotionally just like He designed a physical way to heal a cut. The past does not have to keep us in bondage; we do not have to remain defined by the things that happened to us. We can become more than survivors. We can flourish!

Many people hear my story and think that they should be emotionally healthy because they did not go through the kinds of abuse that I did. There are many ways beliefs are installed in us other than the obvious kinds of abuse that I experienced. It is what lies within that matters. It is what we believe that needs to change. When our thoughts align with truth, the lie will no longer define us. God bless your journey to freedom.

Al’s Testimony

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  • "The Personal Transformation class has helped me understand 'how' my son thinks. I've learned tools that will last a lifetime and can be used in any and all situations."
    TheresaOffice Manager
  • The Personal Transformation's psychological and spiritual strategies and techniques not only help individuals change themselves, but also invariably affect those around them—for the better. It's made my prayer life more substantial."
  • "The Personal Transformation course strengthened my faith. It greatly improved my relationships with family and friends. I am more at peace. These techniques have made it possible for me to help people help themselves."
  • "One of the things I liked most about the course was the very practical techniques for raising awareness of internal, automatic thinking processes, and for quickly intervening and altering these. As a Christian therapist, I appreciated the fact that this model is based on cutting-edge discoveries in neuro-science while maintaining a strong grounding in Biblical truth. "Personally, I have learned to take more control of my emotional processes by learning my unique style of sorting. I have used many of the techniques in my work counseling clients and found it to be effective and efficient. "I would definitely recommend this course to those seeking to not only deepen their understanding of their own personal issues but also to take personal control of these and thus to grow and mature in Christ. I also would recommend this course to those involved in counseling others as a well-rounded, Christ-centered, effective approach to helping other toward growth and freedom.”
    KevinLicensed Therapist
  • "Beneficial. It will enhance my counseling with other people."
  • "My brain was shutting down. I wasn't able to think or stay on track. It was affecting my work and my relationship with my husband. I went to so many doctors. MRI and Cat Scans couldn't find anything physically wrong with me. I was getting depressed and went on an antidepressant. Nothing was working for me. I thought that I was losing my mind. I heard about Dr. Larson. He determined in the first session that I had a part of me that was punishing me for letting a friend down and by the third meeting, my brain was working totally super again. It was so fantastic to get my life back. This model of counseling is dynamite."

  • "I would like to recommend this course to all and any who are interested in learning more about one's self, the way you tick, and your relationship to God and those around you. It has given me insight in these areas and also improved my worldview in terms of understanding what other people believe, where those beliefs come from and most importantly, it has helped my understanding of how the spiritual world interacts with the physical world."
  • "I was so afraid of flying that three months before I was suppose to fly, I would have panic attacks. It was so embarrassing. A friend suggested that I go see Dr. Larson. I was scared to death even to think about dealing with my fear. I saw him twice, and it still seems like a miracle to me. He taught me how I was doing the fear of flying. In the very first session I knew that I could fly without fear and physically getting sick. He changed how I saw the whole thing and helped me understand what faith really means. Faith is something I participate in. That was ten years ago and I most recently went to Hawaii and flew on all those little airplanes and had the time of my life. If I wouldn't have heard about Dr. Larson, I would have missed so much of the life God intended for me."  

  • "When I was a very young girl, my grandfather sexually abused me. I spent approximately 20 years, most of my life, telling no one and denying what had happened to me. Finally during my college years, as my wedding day was slowly approaching, I began to hurt deeply from not ever having dealt with it. I tried two different counselors, but neither addressed my problems. For a year and a half I put my abuse on the back burner because I thought that no one could help me, and I was too tired of failing to make progress.

    "Still I felt God moving me to get more help, so I finally called Greg Boyd, the Pastor of our church, and made an appointment to talk with him. He advised me to go through counseling as soon as possible. I had three sessions with Al Larson and began to notice positive results even after the first one!

    "I could hardly believe it. For the first time in my life I started to think about sex in a healthy way, and I actually desired it with my husband. The sessions taught me how to gain control of my emotions and thoughts and the real meaning of renewing my mind in Christ. It was very powerful, and I would recommend it to anyone! I really feel that I have been freed from much of the past and will continue to be as I live in the truth daily. This model of counseling works! It is different from the others, and I thank God that I was led to it!"

  • "The most valuable things I discovered in class were my own belief systems and how to change them. Some of my installed beliefs originated in childhood. I cherish the knowledge I've gained and the fun I had learning it."
    JackComputer Consultant
  • "When we use our minds to seek God's truth, He honors that and blesses us. This course opened doors to truth in a way that was healing to our minds and emotions. The wisdom we gained equips us to be agents of healing to others."
    AngieResearch Librarian
  • "Some churches send you to one place for prayer and another for counseling, but Cooperating with God for a Change® training combines healing for the heart, mind, and spirit into one process. As a person who counsels others, I found this instruction invaluable; it is the cutting edge."
  • I struggled with pornography addiction for fourteen years starting when I was 12 years old. I thought it would end when I got married, but it actually got worse! After each time I'd be sorry and promise God I'd never do it again, but I always did. My wife caught me twice and she was ready to divorce me. I discussed my problem with several pastors and even a Christian therapist, but nothing seemed to help.

    Then Greg Boyd (my current pastor) told me about Cooperating with God for a Change® techniques. I went to Al Larson and in four, 1-hour sessions it was completely changed! (Actually, the addiction was broken after the first session. The last three were just to make sure.) He used a reframing technique on me that totally changed the way I think about pornography. I don't even desire porn any more. In fact, I hate it. It repulses me. I never thought I'd be saying that. Praise God, I'm free! And I'm enjoying godly sex with my wife in a way I never dreamed of.  

  • "I truly treasure this experience. I have been, at times, frustrated with the limited resources I've had access to for counseling people. Now, I have knowledge that can help people walk out of bondage."
    TracySocial Worker
  • "The most outstanding thing about this class was the resources it gave me for changing my perspective of myself, God, and the world. Understanding how my mind works enables me to use it in the way God designed it to be used. This class has life-changing information. It helped me to put the past behind me and have options for the present and the future."
    SusannaRegistered Nurse
  • "I liked understanding the dynamics of beliefs, what a real belief means, and the power of that. It was fascinating to learn how some of those beliefs come about."
  • "For fifteen years I was addicted to chewing tobacco. I was afraid of getting mouth cancer, and I believed God wanted me free from this bondage, but I never succeeded in quitting. I could quit for a few days or weeks; in fact, once I was free for six months, but I'd always fall back into it. I now understand that this was inevitable, given how I represented chewing tobacco in my mind. A couple of sessions with Dr. Larson broke this bondage. I was amazed! The meaning of chewing tobacco was changed, so my desire for chewing tobacco changed. I used to think that being free from addiction was having the power to resist doing what you wanted to do. Now I understand that true freedom is having the power to not even want something you don't want to want."

  • "It was helpful learning more about how the brain works, thought process, taking thoughts captive, getting skills, discerning how our emotions work, how to exit from the negative ones, and how to analyze the situations. Structure of emotions was helpful, to exit those and enter the fruit of the Spirit and the pillars of wisdom. I am more conscious of what we are thinking and what we are telling ourselves and pictures we're seeing—what we are projecting about the future, which affects how we feel and then how we behave. Along with behaviors, the class helped me to see how much of what I do is automatic, to stop doing, and to take a look at what I'm thinking, how I'm behaving, and that I have a choice to do something different and behave the way Christ did."
    JohnSoftware Developer
  • "The most valuable thing I learned from the class,  I use everyday to break strongholds and gain emotional mastery. I am also able to operate and exit my usual response of anger with patience, understanding, and kindness."
  • "I was so close to losing my job. Every time some kind of conflict occurred at work, I froze and would go into hiding. The same thing happened at home when my wife would want to deal with something. I was very depressed. My wife and boss thought that I just didn't care. The opposite was true, but I couldn't communicate my feelings because I would always shut down. Dr. Larson helped me learn that it was from an incident that happened when I was eight-years-old. I was almost killed by a dog. I had to fight for my life or I would have died. He said that I was using words like barked at me, chewed on, attacked me, and felt bit. When I remembered the dog attack, I felt terrified. Dr. Larson made it so that I could think about the dog and didn't feel anything and that it happened a long time ago. He also helped me have skills I never developed so that I had boundaries and felt more confident in the situations that I used to run away from. That was three years ago and I have been promoted twice." 

    Mike A
  • "All of my past schooling taught me what to think, but this model taught me how to think."
    ScottFurniture Touchup Artist
  • "This course answers so many questions about spiritual freedom. It is so awesome to learn how we are so uniquely and wonderfully made. Learning and practicing the 'I' of the soul and breaking strongholds was totally liberating."
    KathySenior Sales Consultant