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With Voice speak click on Use Voice

The Library search topic list is broken down into thirteen sections.

If selecting any entry fails to launch the request page click Process Request (above) to launch your request.

If, after selecting an entry from the list, you open to the Table of Contents page navigation is absent or installed incorrectly on your browser. No worries: The Table of Contents has all the entries in the list so just click the one you want. if your PDF Reader has a page # window option just enter the selected article page # above (on the left) or for the Advanced search below page # (on the right). The PDF has pages numbers so you all so just scroll until you find the matching page #.

Note: If you are using Edge, the Windows 10 default browser, it does not support Adobe Acrobat DC. However Explorer 11 is also installed and does support DC. See how to quickly Turn it on.

Also see the Extended Article Search(below).

Extended Article Search

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Article List in:

(Optionally) click one of thirteen search categories.

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Text Box:  Open in New Tab NOT with voice

Click to open the list box than make your selection.

With Voice select from the categories above and then speak example: click on God Maps.. The list box is now positioned to God Maps and has focus so speak scroll down or up, depending how you are positioned, until you find what you are looking for. Note: You can toogle back and forth between different categories. Now speak click on open text. Note: The 1st characters in a selection entry are used for sorting (Asc/Des) and navigation purposes and you DO NOT speak them. Example: witn |__Summary.A World… you would speak starting with A World. With the cursor now in the text box speak (your word(s)) then speak press the enter key. The list box will now have your request highlighted so speak click on Process Request. If Voice it’s a little mixed up speak Restore. He’s your friend!

If selecting any entry fails to launch the request page click *** Process Request (above) to launch your request.

If all else fails and your device has the functionality select/highlight the Http:// request line (above) and copy/paste it to the Browser URL.