NOTE: Dynamics of Growth, Inc. DOES NOT offer any form of Web-based counseling. Requesting contact or product information from Dynamics of Growth, Inc. should be limited to the possibility of in-office counseling, acquiring products, attending training seminars, or classes. Please do not leave confidential information on the telephone or in writing. Information on this site is not intended for Web/Internet counseling purposes.

Dynamics of Growth, a non-profit Counseling Clinic, was founded in 1988. The dynamic and Biblically based concepts utilized in Dynamics of Growth, Inc. grew out of ministry and education in the field of counseling psychology and theology that Dr. Larson was receiving, coupled with some profound changes in his life.

Dynamics of Growth’s methods for change are unique. Our focus is to discover the how rather than why of any specific behavior. Discovering how insures that the counselor/consultant intervenes in a purposeful, goal-oriented way. To accomplish our mission we counsel, consult, teach, train, create, and develop materials that help people transform.

Counseling Process

The counseling process begins by a client having a telephone conversation with a counselor/consultant. A two-hour tape with materials is then given to the client to determine if this model seems appropriate for him/her. If an appointment is set up, the first session is 1-1/2 hours, at which time the client and the counselor/consultant determine the goals and outcomes of their time together. Followup sessions range from 1/2 hour to 3 hours, with a normal session being 1 hour.

Our consultants spend the first couple of sessions helping the client understand how God created the human system to operate, teaching clients to cooperate with God for a change. The total amount of time needed to help someone transform is unique to that individual and the outcomes he/she wants. Phobias, most addictions, and traumas normally take between two to six sessions; life-process issues may take longer. Al has worked with some clients for years to work out the specific life-process needs that are being addressed. This is the exception; most clients are specific solutions, oriented sessions.

Counseling testimonies and the continued growth and success of Dynamics of Growth show that this process and techniques have had a tremendous impact on our clients.

Dynamics of Growth, Inc. pledges to fully protect the confidentiality of our clients. The exceptions to confidentiality are those issues that are subject to Federal and State law.