Imagine that your heart’s desire is to move to a specific location in the world. You have had this map to guide you to this specific location since you were a child. So you follow the map for a long time and to your surprise and great disappointment, you find yourself a long way from your conscious destination. This is not good, and sometimes it’s even tragic! You can work so hard to get to a place you really want to go only to end up so far from your desired goal.

I had a great number of cognitive maps that led me and pulled me down some very treacherous roads. I crashed into a few dead ends, missed opportunities, wounded a few good people, and hurt myself along the way. I was following the only maps I had. Faulty cognitive maps show and tell us meaning just like those that have paths of truth written on them. The biggest challenge I had was deleting old cognitive maps, exchanging them for updated, biblically designed GodMaps™.

So consider this, do you have accurate directions, accurate cognitive and spiritual maps? Will they really get you to the heart destination that you consciously say you want? It is good to consider your cognitive, spiritual maps; do they align with truth?

GodMaps™ are devotions that can help you identify the paths, roads, and stumbling blocks within your cognitive and spiritual maps. You might throw some old maps away, and you might even install a few new ones. Consider the cognitive and spiritual maps that were handed to you; do they really align with truth? Study the maps you have and make sure that they are written with truth and tested by other travelers who look back over their adventures.

If you have a Christian worldview, GodMaps™ will be a fantastic journey of discovery and insight. If not, we would like to offer GodMaps™ as an alternative cognitive architecture that will be challenging, thoughtful, and enlightening.

Enjoy your journey!

Al Larson

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