The Identity Gap

The Identity Gap

The size of the gap varies from person to person. “Who we really are” and “how we appear” are separated by the feelings we memorize throughout different points in our lives (based on past experiences). The bigger the gap, living in the middle, the greater the addiction to the emotions we memorize.

Layer by layer, we wear various emotions, which form our identity. In order to remember who we think we are, we have to re-create the same experiences to reaffirm our personality and the corresponding emotions. As an identity, we become attached to our external world by identifying with everyone and everything, in order to remind us of how we want to project ourselves to the world.

How we appear becomes the façade of the personality, which relies on the external world to remember who it is as a “somebody.” Its identity is completely attached to the environment cars a own, people I know, places I’ve been ,things I can do, experiences I’ve had, company I work for….. is who we think we are in relation to everything around us.

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